ETF Journal
of Electrical Engineering

About the journal

The first scientific journal in the field of electrical engineering in Montenegro was released in 1989. The original title of this journal was the "Herald of Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Titograd". Four issues were published under this name. In these issues papers are published by scientists and experts from a large number of universities and institutions. Contributions are published in local and English language and theme covered the field of electrical engineering, as well as related areas.

In order to increase international affirmation, journal got a new visual identity in 1995 and a new name: "ETF Journal of Electrical Engineering".

Since its first issue until today, the ETF Journal of Electrical Engineering is a special form of scientific and research activity, for encouragement and promotion of new approaches and technologies in the field of electrical engineering.

In this sense, we are open for cooperation in all fields of electrical engineering, and we expect that in the next few issues will find your contribution.


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